SAMPE Baltimore

18 May - 21 May, 2015

Paper presented by DIAB:
"Characterization of a Novel High Temperature Capable Thermoplastic Foam Core Material"

DIAB’s Divinycell F is a novel polyether sulfone (PES) thermoplastic structural foam core material with high temperature capabilities: processing temperature up to 212 degrees C; operating temperature up to 225 degrees C. The PES thermoplastic polymer has excellent fire, smoke and toxicity properties, exceeding requirements for commercial aircraft interior spaces. Four foam densities, ranging from 40 kg/m3 to 130 kg/m3 were characterized at various environmental conditions with respect to compression, shear and tensile properties to establish B-Basis design allowables. Processing characteristics of the PES foam core were also determined for suitability in processes including autoclave cure, resin infusion and thermoforming. In addition, sandwich panels constructed with the novel PES foam core materials were characterized and compared to panels constructed with other common aerospace core materials: honeycomb core and polymethacrylimide foam core. The sandwich panels were characterized with respect to composite sandwich beam flexure, climbing drum peel, impact, acoustic, and dielectric properties.


Location: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Segment: Composites
Exhibitor: DIAB Americas LP
Stand: J39