DIAB’s Cores Go Colorless to Save our Natural Resources 5

12 June, 2013

Today, DIAB International AB announced that it is changing the familiar green (H60), as well as blue (H45) and brown (H80), of its Divinycell cores to a natural, pigment-free shade. The properties and behavior of the core materials is exactly the same. The only difference is the color, which allows the company to take another step toward its goal of a better environmental future.

“Although the colors have become a well-known visual identifier of our products, it is still something we can remove to save end resources for our environment, which we value more,” says Roger Jansson, Group Product Manager at DIAB. “This is a small but significant step we can take while keeping the trusted mechanical characteristics of our cores unchanged.”

DIAB’s high-strength structural foams at a light weight already do much to benefit the environment — allowing for higher speeds, greater payloads, lower fuel consumption and more.

DIAB is also implementing a new marking system that will make it easier to identify the grade and improve traceability. Divinycell H45, H60 and H80 will be marked with grade/name and batch number in both text and barcode in two parallel lines on one side of the sheets.

The color pigment is being removed during the second quarter of 2013. During the transition period, DIAB says deliveries of H45, H60 and H80 may include both pigmented and non-pigmented material. However, for consistency, the company will work to provide only one sort in each delivery.

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