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DIAB and CCG have received the JEC Asia Innovation Award 2015

25 September, 2015

Composites Consulting Group (CCG), a DIAB Group company, has received the JEC Asia Innovation Award in the Transportation category for a groundbreaking transportation solution developed together with N.S. Rama Rao Body Works (NSR) in India. The aim of the project was to develop a lightweight truck container that would make it possible to lower the vehicle’s fuel consumption. Using DIAB’s Divinycell as core material for the container, CCG and NSR were able to lower the weight of the 5.5 m container by more than 50 percent, from 2 tons to 990 kg, which translates into significant fuel savings and increased vehicle mileage and payload.

”The trucking business in India and elsewhere is highly affected by rising fuel prices and lorry operators do their best to lower their operating costs”, says Rimzath B Ali at DIAB. ”One way is to invest in low weight trucks and containers and products offering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) benefits. Switching to composites in construction enables great weight savings, which of course means lower TCO.”

Created in 1998, the JEC Innovation Awards Program is a worldwide competition including 5 programs. One of them is the JEC Asia Innovation Awards. Over the past 15 years, the JEC Innovation Awards Program has involved 1,800 companies worldwide. 177 companies and 433 partners have been awarded for the excellence of their composite innovations.

This is not the first time DIAB and CCG have been awarded in this prestigious program. In 2013, CCG along with partners, UES Malaysia and Vee-Tek Australia Epoxy manufacturing company, won the Innovation Award for Materials Development at JEC Asia. DIAB also received a JEC Europe Innovation Award in 2009 for the innovative nature of the cladding system installed at the Horten building in Copenhagen. This project was carried out together with Skandinaviska Glassystem (SGS).

This year’s award will be presented during a special ceremony at the JEC Asia Composites Show and Conference, taking place at the Suntec Center in Singapore on Tuesday, October 20.


For more information, contact:
Rimzath B Ali, Senior Engineer

Todd Henry, Managing Director Australia