Diab Group AB: Environmental Award Winner 2015

17 December, 2015

A big win for the environment. That summarizes the many reasons why Diab has received the Environmental Award 2015 by the Municipality of Laholm, Sweden.

Diab, which is already environmentally certified according to ISO 14 001, works actively with sustainability, especially since Ratos became the new owner. "Now we have focus on sustainability throughout the production process," says Leif Ottosson, Quality and Environmental Manager at the company.

Since last spring all waste from the Diab production goes to Filbornaverket, a new waste-fired power plant in Helsingborg. Filbornaverket is owned, operated and funded by Öresundskraft, one of Sweden’s major energy companies. The power plant can make use of Diab’s energy-rich divinycell. "Over the years we have been in contact with several district heating plants, but the local plants have not been able to handle our waste. It was only when the advanced combustion technology was installed at Filbornaverket that we found what we had long sought, a district heating plant at close range, "says Leif Ottosson.

Laholm Municipality has also taken into account the Diab product portfolio and the company’s continuous improvement in its motivation: Diab has been awarded this prize for its sustainability work. Diab manufactures an environmentally attractive product, lightweight and durable. The company works according to the environmental management system 14001, which brings orderliness to business and leads to continuous improvement. Diab has been working successfully to reduce its energy consumption. The waste from the production, previously deposited in Ahla, is now used for district heating. A good example of energy recovery. Laholm Municipality hopes that this award will encourage Diab to work even harder for a sustainable future.

For more information, contact:

Leif Ottosson
Phone +46 430 163 75
e-mail leif.ottosson@diabgroup.com