N2R Skate´s longboard featuring a DIAB-core borders indestructible

13 February, 2014

Too close-fisted to ride a bus? Too bored of cycling? Perhaps it’s time to consider longboarding as an alternative mode of transportation. And once you are hooked, be sure to get one of these state-of-the-art longboards featuring DIAB’s high-performance core material. Manufactured by the Italian company N2R Skate, they are practically indestructible.

Longboard in short
A subculture to skateboarding, longboarding has recently exploded in popularity. It is an invigorating and fun way of exercising, but it’s also perfectly suitable for getting you from point A to point B in an environmentally friendly manner.

A longboard is, as the name implies, a longer variant of a skateboard and allows for a more stable and comfortable stance when cruising the town. It can be made from plywood or fiber glass, but for maximum strength opt for one made with the registered tri-composite INFUTURE infusion technology used for top of the line yachts and car racing components.

The core issue
After 15 years of experience in providing high-tech composite parts for 80 feet yachts running 40 knots and state-of-the-art performance karts, the Italian company N2R Skate now uses its patented process

and DIAB core material to develop new revolutionary longboards. These boards are built for life and N2R Skate offers an extraordinary 3 years warranty on core structural damage, while other manufacturers pull out after 6 to 12 months. Coupling DIAB´s Divinycell core with the INFUTURE infusion technology (a mix of infusion and RTM) gives the longboards 40 % higher torsion strength compared to fiber glass boards and makes them 70 % stronger than boards made of plywood. At the same time N2R Skate’s longboards are 25 % lighter than competing boards, completely water resistant and remarkably shock resistant.

Long cooperation with DIAB
“We have worked with DIAB for the last 15 years, producing some of the best yachts in the world”, says Luca Sburlati, CEO of N2R. “Now it’s time for us to revolutionize the skating business together. We wanted to develop the next generation of longboards with outstanding flexibility and a much higher fatigue resistance, and we are glad to have DIAB as our partner on this quest.”

N2R Skate offers two different longboards, the 1.6 kg Urban, designed to be lively and flexible, and the 1.98 kg Downhill with race-ready stiffness and strength. Both are launched worldwide in February 2014.

For more information about the boards, please visit: www.n2rskate.it or www.infuture.it





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