Divinycell F

A recyclable, prepreg-compatible sandwich core with excellent Fire, Smoke & Toxicity (FST) properties, suitable in commercial aircrafts interiors.

Divinycell F is a core material range specifically developed for aircraft interiors, seating and food trays, improving lifetime cost while decreasing environmental impact. It offers excellent FST (Fire, Smoke & Toxicity) properties and meets the US and European regulatory requirements for commercial aircraft interiors.

Other key features include vacuum bag processing up to 220°C and matched tooling and press processing up to 220°C, exceptional fatigue life, good chemical resistance and excellent heat ageing at 180°C. Divinycell F is compatible with most common aerospace composite manufacturing processes.

Divinycell F SI
Divinycell F IMP

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DIAB Divinycell F
Louise Eriksson Jacka
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