Complete sandwich composite solution

We help you make your products and your manu­facturing process more competitive and sustainable by offering industry-leading competence together with the broadest range of stronger, lighter and smarter structural core materials. With a complete range of high-performance core materials, numerous finishing options and kit operations in combination with engineering services and expertise, we present presumably the widest and most valuable offering in the sandwich composite industry. 

Take advantage of our knowledge

Ever since the beginning, we have been dedicated to constant innovation and promoting a widespread adoption of sandwich composite materials. What people say can’t be done we do every day. Offering industry-leading competence together with stronger, lighter and smarter materials, we are always at the core of your solution.

A solution for every application

Our products and solutions have been used in a wide range of industries for decades and are all certified according to relevant industry standards. This excellent track record proves the quality and reliability of our materials and solutions, providing security and proof of performance few others can offer. Our dedication to making our business sustainable means we continually improve every aspect of our operations.

Sustainability is in our core

Today, sustainability is not an option. It is mandatory. And at Diab we work hard to make a difference on the big issues that matter to us all. We are strongly committed to making your solu­tion more sustainable in every way. With our struc­tural core materials, you can boost energy efficiency, reduce emissions, conserve natural resources and create a longer life cycle for your product. We have also made sustainability one of our top business priorities. For instance, we are the first company in the world in the field of composite ma­terials that has set science-based targets approved by the SBTi (Science-Based Targets initiative). This ensures that our strategy is in line with the latest scientific findings and that we are resilient and prepared to adapt to the changing regulatory and business environment.

Worldwide supply and support

Diab has a global manufacturing, sales and engineering presence. We follow our customers – and even anticipate their needs – positioning ourselves in locations to best support them. We have manufacturing sites in strategic locations around the world offering our full range of materials, plus local representation in many countries – ensuring security of supply, cost efficiency, flexibility and local support.

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