DIAB Divinycell Bus stop roof

DK Composites leads the way with Divinycell

Composite structures are becoming increasingly popular in Southeast Asia. DK Composites is one of the most technologically advanced composite manufacturers in the region and specializes in design, manufacture and installation of architectural structures. Recently, DK Composites used Diab’s Divinycell material to build an innovative bus stop roof for research purposes.

DK Composites – an industry leader 
DK Composites is a Malaysian company renowned for its custom high-tech composite products. Established in 1997, DK Composites was originally set-up to facilitate the construction of a few major dome projects.

The company currently specializes in utilizing advanced composite materials in design, manufacture and installation of architectural structures. One of its latest creations is one of the world’s largest freestanding composite cladded structures, the new ArtScience Museum on Singapore’s waterfront.

Recently, Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) contracted DK Composites to supply a composite bus stop roof for aerodynamic research purposes. The scientists wanted to investigate if the wing-like contoured roof could accelerate natural airflow to provide extra cooling for waiting passengers.

With passion for composites
Habibur Rahman Ibrahim, who is executive director of DK Composites, is passionate about composite structures.

“There are thousands of different things you can do with composites”, he says. ‘”A composite roof has life. A concrete and steel roof is dead, with no character, because with composites you can put in curves everywhere you like.”

For the bus stop roof, DK Composites chose to use Divinycell P60 PET fire-retardant foam in combination with CCP (now known as Polynt) Epovia 2000 fire-retardant vinylester resin. The complete system was tested class 2 for British Standard BS 476 Part 7 spread of flame test.

Composites on the rise
DK Composites has one of the most technologically advanced composite manufacturing facilities in the region and Habibur Rahman Ibrahim believes the demand for advanced composite structures in Asia will continue to rise.

“The design flexibility, weight savings and longevity of composite structures will make them increasingly popular”, he says.

DK Composites has been working with Diab since early 2000s and values Diab in terms of price, quality, value-added services, technical support and exceptional after sales services.

“We also highly appreciate Diab’s large variety of core materials”, concludes Habibur Rahman Ibrahim.

Read more about DK Composites: http://www.dkcomposites.com/
Louise Eriksson Jacka
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