DIAB Divinycell H sculpture freedom of design

Divinycell Provides full creative freedom for Perth contemporary sculpture

The level of creative freedom provided by Divinycell sandwich composites has been put to the test with the free fl owing Ascalon sculpture that was recently unveiled in the grounds of St. George’s Cathedral in Perth, Western Australia.

Competing against 98 other submissions from 17 different countries, Western Australians Marcus Canning and Christian de Vietri won the commission to create an 18 meter contemporary sculpture based on the theme of St. George and the dragon. Named Ascalon after the lance used by St. George to slay the dragon, the sculpture is intended to depict the triumph of good over evil. The angled pole, white billow and black base represent the lance of St. George, his cloak, his steed and the defeated body of the dragon.

Known for their creative composite solutions, Perth’s ICC Group was engaged to engineer the cloak and project manage its installation. Swarbrick Yacht’s cost effective fabrication solution involved using a five axis CNC milling machine to shape multiple polystyrene blocks that were then glued together to provide the form on which the Divinycell sandwich composite laminate could be laid up. Contact molding was used due to the complexity of the shape. The finished cloak was then painted and mounted onto the stainless steel lance.

Grid scored Divinycell H35, one of the lightest foam core materials available was chosen to provide the freedom of form necessary to accurately transform the artist’s vision into reality while still providing the required level of structural rigidity and strength. In high temperature and UV conditions, it will not outgas and delaminate. In addition, the lightweight sandwich composite approach facilitated transportation and installation while at the same time it will enable the installation to endure fluctuating temperatures and a wide variety of weather conditions in the years to come.


Louise Eriksson Jacka
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