Panguaneta and Diab develop lightweight plywood

Plywood manufacturer Panguaneta and Diab have created a PET-poplar plywood, perfect for the manufacturing of RVs, boats and high-end furniture.

PET technology from Diab to support Panguaneta plywood development 

Together, Panguaneta and Diab have managed to develop a lightweight PET - poplar plywood to satisfy the demand of industries that require light, durable and sustainable materials. 

Based in northern Italy and with an extensive distribution network and business partnerships in more than 25 countries, Panguaneta is a world-leading manufacturer in the production of plywood for industrial applications. Their core business is to transform a prestigious raw material – Italian poplar wood – into plywood with innovative performance features, used within the fields of RV manufacturing, boatbuilding, or the production of high-end furniture.

Inventing a composite PET/poplar panel

Panguaneta is an environmentally conscious company and works with several sustainability certifications, such as FSC and PEFC™, as well as the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD®). To meet the environmental requirements as well as the continuous technical needs and lightweight materials required by some of its main markets, Panguaneta decided to team up with DIAB to realize a panel made of composite PET and poplar wood, substantially lighter compared to traditional plywood but with maintained stiffness and screw retention. 

How the composite panel was made
Panguaneta produces various types of plywood, where poplar layers with a thickness of 1 to 3 mm are assembled, from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 19 layers. On top of the core, different types of wood finishing layers are applied. The main obstacle was to find a synthetic material able to replace the poplar layers without the necessity to change or modify standard production cycles. It also needed to react with the same glue, be available in the same poplar sheets dimensions and thicknesses and be environmentally-friendly in terms of recyclability. The requirements also included FST properties in case of a fire. 

Divinycell PET PN115
Diab’s Divinycell PET PN115 offered Panguaneta a light and stable alternative to traditional poplar plywood veneers. Divinycell PN is a thermoplastic core material designed to increase performance, decrease weight and improve quality. It has excellent chemical resistance and is compatible with all commonly used resin systems such as polyester, epoxies, vinyl esters and more. With its high processing temperature performance and good dimensional stability at elevated processing temperatures, it can be readily used in infusion or with a wide variety of prepreg systems as an alternative to press bonding or contact molding.

The result: A lightweight sandwich solution
The composite panel of PET and poplar wood is a revolutionary, extremely light, multiple sandwich solution, giving Panguaneta the possibility to offer their customers a high-end technical product, decreasing lifetime cost and environmental impact in applications where mechanical properties/ratio is a must. 

Read more at www.panguanetaplywood.com

Louise Eriksson Jacka
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