Diab Divinycell pool board

The next evolution of lightweight marble

Italy’s FFPANELS is a leading manufacturer of lightweight marble used in construction, furnishings and the marine industry. Their latest innovation is FABYWALL, a structural panel using Diab PET materials laminated between thin layers of decorative stone. As an affordable solution that offers greater durability without added weight, the Divinycell core makes FABYWALL a true step forward for lightweight marble materials.

Stone age materials meet twenty-first century technology
FFPANELS are specialists in the lamination of decorative materials, offering a range of products that utilize a patented “stratified” manufacturing technique. Using an exclusively formulated structural epoxy resin, the company employs a single industrial process to fuse together stone, core materials and fiberglass fabric skins.

Compared to traditional sandwich production methods, the innovative process that FFPANELS has developed creates lightweight marble panels with superior resistance and stability. The finished materials combine the elegant beauty of marble with the mechanical and physical properties required to withstand the demands of modern building, industry and design.

A partner for continued innovation
FABYWALL is a new patented concept and process for FFPANELS, incorporating a foam core in place of their traditional honeycomb aluminium sheets. With unparalleled experience in composite core development and a wide range of materials suitable to the stratified lamination process, Diab represented a perfect partner to bring the innovation to life.

With Diab’s collaboration and guidance, FFPANELS selected Divinycell P materials for the FABYWALL core. In addition to having a high strength-to-weight ratio, the PET foam of Divinycell P is ideal for construction applications due to its good mechanical and FST properties. When compared to IPN materials, PET provides higher homogeneous heat resistance as well as greater elasticity and versatility at a lower price. Like FFPANELS’ previous aluminium cores, Divinycell P is also recyclable, making it an environmentally-friendly alternative.

New possibilities for lightweight marble
The advantages of Divinycell enable FFPANELS to now offer marble materials with even greater strength and durability at a lower weight. FABYWALL is suitable for hundreds of aesthetic structural applications, both for facades as well interior uses.

Read more about FFPANELS: www.ffpanels.com

Louise Eriksson Jacka
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