Recoboard industrial design walls

With “FocusOn”, Italian architect takes sustainability to a new level

Venetian architect Alessandro Sammartini has designed a sustainable structure from recycled materials, perfect for temporary exhibitions. Easy-to-install pavilion “FocusOn” presents the best materials coming from sustainability research.

Tai Studio Architettura
Based in Venice, Italy, Tai Studio Architettura was founded in 2006. The studio is involved in architectural design, work management and consulting. Owner Alessandro Sammartini, since 2011 lecturer at the Master’s Program "Touch Fair Architecture" at the IUAV of Venice, is interested in developing new kinds of spaces with innovative technologies. For example, the Studio uses a nano-composite plaster to control the percentage of humidity and biological & chemical agents in the restoration work of Venice.

“FocusOn” at the Fuorisalone
A network of companies within the field of furnishing and industrial design, the 2017 Fuorisalone had its latest show in Milan, Italy, at the beginning of April. It wants to put focus on research within the field of architecture, human behavior and technology. Tai Studio Architettura decided to present a solution for sustainable temporary pavilions, using a combination of recycled materials and natural materials developed from sustainable processes. The result, “FocusOn”, displays the innovative use of high-performances nano-technological plaster and Recoboard IPN panels to produce extra-thin partition walls which are fire-resistant, insulated and, in addition, solve the issue of deterioration due to humidity and chemicals. The visitors to the building have been impressed by the sleek and aesthetic design and the purity of the materials that do not include any finishing except for paint on the Recoboard and wood.

Nano-composite plaster with IPN from Diab

Eco-friendly and reusable materials from a number of companies were used to design the pavilion, among them nano-composite plaster from Italian company Delta Phoenix combined with recycled IPN panels from Diab. “We chose to work with Diab because the company’s material ‘Recoboard’ is recycled and recyclable, guaranteeing high performance for many different kinds of applications,” says Alessandro Sammartini. “Diab has provided great help for the project. The use of the new technology would otherwise have been difficult to control.”

Louise Eriksson Jacka
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