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Building the future

High-performance fiber-reinforced plastics are starting to challenge materials such as steel and aluminium in everyday applications as diverse as automobile bodies and civil infrastructure. RiversEdge Composites in Florida is an innovative producer of fiber-reinforced composite panels made with Diab’s core materials. With superior material properties, they offer a great potential in a wide range of industrial applications.

Fiber-reinforced composites on the rise
There is a rising interest in engineered fiber-reinforced composite materials. This interest is largely due to the unique characteristics and advantages of Fiber Reinforced Panels (FRP). Offering superior strength-to-weight ratio, high durability and resistance to moisture and corrosion, they also permit exact tolerances of complex shapes and forms and thus great design flexibility.

High-performance panels by RiversEdge Composites
RiversEdge Composites in Edgewater, Florida, produces Fiber Reinforced Panels (FRP) for a wide range of industrial applications, serving mainly the marine, transportation and architectural markets. Sheet foam stock offerings range in density from 4 pound to 10 pound per cubic foot. Thicknesses from 3/8’’ to 4’’ are available at standard prices, with perforations and grooving of the sheet available at additional cost.

The strength, energy performance and efficiency of RiversEdge panels are the result of bringing together fiberglass reinforced thermoset polymer skins and the moisture-resistant, rigid Diab PET and PVC foam with its excellent compressive strength and stable long-term R-values.

A wide range of applications
In the marine segment, RiversEdge panels are used for hull structures of fishing vessels, small craft, high-performance craft and other applications. One reason for using composites is to reduce weight; another to overcome corrosion problems experienced with steel or aluminium alloys.

In transportation industry, FRP are widely used for trailer and truck platforms, buses, motorhomes, caravans and containers. Durable, fire-retardant and corrosion resistant, they can be easily customized to suit each client’s requirements, including weight, strength and thermal characteristics.

Building the future with FRP composites
RiversEdge panels are also used in architecture for construction of walls and ceilings. They provide a durable, scratch-resistant surface, easy to clean panel and superior moisture resistance. By targeting the common failings of traditional exterior and interior building systems, wall and ceiling panels made of sandwich composites may very well become the most advanced multi-functional building product available for homeowners and building professionals.

“Composites are already widely used in many industrial applications”, says Stuart La Haise, Partner at Riversedge Composites. “But their favorable material properties offer a great potential for applications in buildings, compared to traditional building materials. They are lighter than wood, incredibly strong, quick to assemble on a building site and low in maintenance.”

Read more about RiversEdge Composites: www.riversedgecomposites.com/

Louise Eriksson Jacka
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