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CCG provides attractive insights for Vellroy’s new yacht

The Vellroy shipyard in São Paulo is the home of one of Brazil’s most prestigious yacht brands. Today Vellroy is working with a new line of yachts, which are aimed at the international as well as the domestic market. CCG has provided valuable support in fine-tuning the production.

The Vellroy shipyard has manufactured thousands of boats since 1973. It is the most admired luxury shipyard in Brazil, producing Brazil’s most complete range of luxury yachts. From 1995 to 2010, however, the yard was part of an international licensing partnership, which meant its own yachts were only available domestically.

In 2010, Vellroy decided once again to launch an international product range in line with its local reputation. The yard teamed up with studio BMW Group DesignworksUSA to create the first of the innovative new models, a 55-foot yacht. Other yachts in the family would be created by Luiz de Basto Design and Fernando de Almeida Yacht Design.

As in previous designs, the hull, bulkheads and decks of the 55 were to be vacuum infused using core material from Diab. Barracuda, the Diab distributor in South America who has helped Vellroy develop its infusion process, would once again handle the supply. But since infusion challenges grow exponentially with length, Vellroy wanted additional support in working with larger setups. While the yard had successfully infused hulls up to 50 feet long, the new portfolio would include even larger designs.

Vellroy directed its request to Vectorworks Marine, who was responsible for engineering and tooling for the 55. Vectorworks, another long-term Diab customer, then contracted CCG, who has supported Vectorworks in flow modeling and infusion processing for more than five years. CCG received detailed drawings of the 55 hull, which were used for flow simulation, analysis and designing a manifold setup.

Since Vellroy is experienced in vacuum infusion, CCG’s work on site was extremely efficient. When CCG’s Belle Blanding arrived in São Paulo with Vectorworks engineer Bill Kulenguski and Vectorworks owner Jeff Gray in March 2012, the Vellroy team had already infused the first 55 hull. This meant they had a good idea of the challenges involved.

During the visit, the first infused hull was carefully inspected and the opportunities for improvement were discussed. The Vellroy team had found the filling time too long, and it was possible to enhance the cosmetics of the hull. After examining the underlying issues, a second 55 hull was laid up and infused with a CCG-provided manifold and a number of suggestions for process improvements.

To improve the cosmetics, CCG suggested removing core material along the hull’s style lines. Here tight radii were causing “bridging” or gaps between layers of fabric and core, creating resin pockets and resulting in print issues. Other recommendations included tips for manifold construction and spacing, as well as alternative options for consumable materials.

The Vellroy team, with its extensive infusion experience, was quick to grasp the advantages. Its members will have no difficulty implementing the CCG insights even in larger hull infusions, which will help them ensure the flawless finish that the shipyard is known for.

Louise Eriksson Jacka
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