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Diab-Cored Dufour 405 wins European Boat of the Year 2010

At the Düsseldorf Boat Show in January the Dufour 405 Grand Large was voted European Boat of the Year 2010 in what is arguably the most competitive category: cruising yachts. Key elements of the 405’s design include a fast hull, large interior volume, a clear deck and a comfortable cockpit.

As the award demonstrates, after nearly 50 years of boatbuilding, Dufour Yachts continues to maintain its position as one of the leading producers of monohull sailboats.

Diab cores (both in plain sheet and kit form) are used for the hulls and decks of the company’s entire ten-model product line, which ranges from 10.08 to 15.32 meters (33-40 ft.) LOA.

Leading through technology
Based near LaRochelle in France, the Dufour yard has invested heavily in new technology to further improve quality, reduce structural weight and speed build times. Different construction techniques are used, depending on the type and size of component, in order to achieve an ideal balance between cost and performance.

Decks below 12 meters (40 ft) are produced in an RTM Lite process, while larger decks are manufactured with infusion technology. The RTM Lite process uses matched moulds. Pressure is applied, and resin flows through the reinforcements and over the core due to a combination of low-pressure injection and the existing vacuum. For both RTM Lite and infusion, the core is supplied to Dufour in perforated form by Diab to facilitate resin transfer.

Performance benefits
This combination of processes and the use of sandwich composite technology throughout allows Dufour to achieve substantial weight reductions (up to 40%) when compared to more traditional methods. In addition, notable performance gains are made in terms of strength and rigidity. These weight reductions significantly lower a Dufour yacht’s center of gravity, thereby improving overall sailing performance. At the same time, the company is able to offer more headroom than many rival yachts while still retaining the flowing lines that are a Dufour ‘trademark’.


Louise Eriksson Jacka
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