DIAB Divinycell core infusion offshore power catamaran

Diab Partners World Cat Switch to Infusion

World Cat (Tarboro, North Carolina) has a deserved reputation as a builder of high quality, offshore power catamarans that are renowned for their smooth ride and superb quality of construction. Currently the company’s ‘fleet’ ranges from 7 to 10 meters (23 - 33 ft.) and includes center console, dual console and cabin models.

Staying ahead of the game has always been the watchword at World Cat and to this end the company has started to introduce core infusion molding in order to further improve laminate quality, virtually eliminate VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions and achieve better cycle times.

Achieving better cycle times is particularly critical for World Cat as demand for its boats has doubled over the last 12 months.

Rather than ‘go at it alone’ World Cat decided to partner with Diab in order to speed the introduction of core infusion molding and minimize any teething problems. Diab has pioneered the use of core infusion in the marine market with its process engineering teams around the world being directly involved in the infusion of well over 200 different types of vessel – everything from a 3 meter (10 ft.) dinghy to megayachts in excess of 45 meters (150 ft.).

In the case of World Cat, Diab was contracted to supply the grooved and perforated infusion core materials. Composites Consulting Group, a Diab Group Company, was contracted to carry out flow modeling, undertake infusion training, and be directly involved in the first infusion – a 320 Center Console hull.

After the training and the success of the first infusion, the World Cat team felt confident to carry out further hull infusions without assistance. The lay-up and infusion is carried out by a four person team in just three days.

After hull number five was produced a Diab process engineer was again on site to further refine the process and address any concerns from the World Cat build team.

Already, the company is achieving a faster turn around with the molding of a 320CC hull being reduced by a day.

In addition by infusing the fully-cored hull of the 320CC, World Cat has been able to reduce overall weight while increasing structural stability. The weight reduction has led directly to better fuel consumption, higher speeds and greater range.

With the success of the 320CC, World Cat is planning to gradually introduce core infusion across its entire range. In addition other members of the PowerCat Group – Glacier Bay, Livingston Cats and Carolina Cats will also be introducing this technology over the next few years.


Louise Eriksson Jacka
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