DIAB Divinycell sports and leisure boat

Diab helps the Mahindra Group chart new waters

Based in Mumbai, the Mahindra Group is one of India’s blue-chip corporations. Its diverse businesses comprise many activities, including work with land-based utility vehicles. Now, thanks to a joint venture and Diab assistance, the group is opening up a new Indian market for recreational boats.

The Mahindra Group, a USD 15.4 billion multinational with extensive experience on land, has its eyes on the untapped potential of India’s coasts and waterways. The group has teamed up with Ocean Blue, India’s largest boating group, to create India’s very first production boatyard. Under the name of Mahindra Ocean Blue Marine, the new yard designs and builds a range of boats for commercial, defense and above all recreational use.

Diab has been associated with the joint venture from the start, providing technical support in the areas of mold development and composites design. The objective has been not only to take advantage of the finest in technology and design, but also to create a specific offering for Indian waters and the sensibilities of the Indian consumer. In short, the yard wants to give local customers an excellent experience in return for their investment.

The resulting sport and leisure boats, sold under the Mahindra Odyssea brand, combine value with stylish flexibility. Built with a hybrid trihedral hull for fuel efficiency, they feature unique gull-wing access and a spacious deck. In addition, they offer a wide range of customization possibilities, including a marine toilet, navigational equipment, music systems and several lifestyle options.

Mahindra Oddyssea models are available in lengths of 22, 33 and 35 feet, all built with a core of Diab Divinycell foam for lightness and strength. Combining world-class design with skilled local engineering, they are the first indigenously produced boats made with Indian conditions in mind. Moreover, they are backed by the Mahindra Group’s nationwide dealer network, which means quicker access to aftersales service than with imported boats.

All this invites boaters to discover India’s 7600 km of virgin coastline, as well as its coral island chains, serene backwaters, lakes and river systems. With the Mahindra Odyssea range as a base, a new culture of water sports and recreation in India is rapidly taking shape.



Louise Eriksson Jacka
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