DIAB Divinycell offshore RIB

First Closed Molded Italian RIB

Motonautica Vesuviana (Nola, Napoli, Italy) has a deserved reputation as a of builder offshore RIBs (rigid inflatable boats) that are renowned for their smooth ride and very high quality. Currently the company’s fleet ranges from 5 to 11 meters (16.4 – 35 ft) and includes center console, side console and cabin models.

Always looking to improve its product line, the company joined forces with Diab some five years ago as its technology partner in order to move from contact molding to closed molding in an effort to produce lighter and stronger boats. Moreover Motonautica Vesuviana wanted to improve the environment for its build team by virtually eliminating VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from the molding process.

One of the newest vessels in its range is the stylish Mito 31, a 9.35 meter (30.67 ft) RIB that is capable of carrying 16 people at up to 60 knots. The Mito 31 is believed to be the first Italian RIB to be built entirely with closed molding technology.

The vessels hull, deck, console, roll bar and engine cover are all produced using core infusion based on Divinycell structural cores whereas smaller
parts such as drawers are manufactured using RTM Light.

Probably another unique feature of the Mito 31 is that through the combination of structural engineering optimisation, the use of sandwich cores and the infusion process, Motonautica Vesuviana has been able to eliminate the longitudinal and transverse stiffeners that are normally present in boats of this type and still achieve the required levels of strength and stiffness. In other words the hull is a true monocoque structure.

This approach not only speeds the manufacturing process – the complete infusion molding process is carried out in just 10 days by a two person team – but also significantly reduces the weight of the vessel. Motonautica Vesuviana estimates that the Mito 31 (without engine) is over 30% lighter than similar vessels of this type.

This reduction in weight has been translated into higher maximum speed, lower fuel consumption (80 litres per hour [21.2 g/h] at 40 knots) and a greater range. Motonautica Vesuviana also maintains that the Mito 31 offers a more comfortable ride due to the stiffness of its hull and the higher deadrise angle.


Louise Eriksson Jacka
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