DIAB Divinycell service vessel for offshore wind farms

First purpose built service & supply vessel for offshore wind farms

Måløy Verft A/S (Tennebø, Norway) has a long reputation as a base yard for fishing activities and for producing High Speed Composite Vessels. It is located close to Måløy - Norway’s second largest fishing port. Recently the company has broadened its vessel portfolio with the construction of an entirely new type of semi-submersible catamaran that has been designed as a service and supply vessel for offshore wind farms. It is believed that this is the first vessel to be specifically developed for this application.

Diab was heavily involved in this project both in terms of material supply and providing structural engineering services via the Composites Consulting Group.

Sandwich composites based on Divincell structural cores and infusion closed molding have been used for the hull, deck and superstructure of the vessel. This combination results in a vessel that offers rugged reliability, high speed performance in a variety of sea states and good acceleration as it moves from wind turbine to wind turbine.

The vessel is 27 meters (88.6 ft) long and has a beam of 9.6 meters (31.5 ft). It can transport 36 passengers, has four cabins for its fi ve person crew and can carry up to 10 tonnes of supplies. A large flat working area is situated at the aft of the vessel.

A special feature of the craft is that when it is on station alongside a wind turbine it can be semi-submerged by filling its twin hulls with seawater. This greatly increases the stability of the vessel by reducing its movement by up to 70%. The result is that the maintenance and service team is provided with a very stable work platform even when the weather conditions are less than ideal.

With the first catamaran already in service, M.l.y Verft is currently building the second vessel of this type that is even larger.


Louise Eriksson Jacka
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