DIAB Divinycell Qingdao Yacht

From rail to sea

Qingdao Victall Railway Group is a well-known global supplier of transportation components. The company is particularly known for its locomotive interiors, integrated lavatory and metal processing. Now Victall Group enters the marine segment, extending their concept of locomotive interiors to luxury yachts. Its new VL550 is a stylish 55-feet boat built entirely in sandwich composite using Divinycell material.

Yacht buyers today demand innovative design features that maximize their onboard experience and comfort, and they want the latest operational technology and cutting-edge marine performance, as well. Composite materials can offer significant advantages when performance is part of the design brief.

Established in 2002, Qingdao Victall Railway and its affiliates are a leading Chinese manufacturer of modular products and parts for high-speed trains, intercity trains and other transportation equipment. The company also offers after-sales service at many Chinese locations, as well as a service network in Europe and North America. Qingdao Victall Railway employs more than 3,000 people through its four wholly owned subsidiaries and two rail-related joint venture operations.

Qingdao Victall Railway Group has a lot of experience from working with composite materials and with both Diab and CCG supporting the VL550 project, the success was given. CCG provided full support on all aspects of the construction and assisted with the laminating and infusion of the first yacht. Diab Technical service offered help on material selection. Several varieties of Divinycell were used and the mold for the VL550 was also made using Divinycell material.

The VL550 yacht is a stylish 55-feet vessel with a designed speed of 28 knots. However, when first launched in December 2014, the boat reached 31 knots with excellent acceleration performance. The driving experience is said to be very stable and comfortable.

Read more about Qingdao Victall Railway Group: http://www.victall.com/En/index.aspx

Louise Eriksson Jacka
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