DIAB Divinycell H mega yachts

From trawlers to mega yachts - South Coast goes big with Diab composites

With a 24-foot beam and full load displacement of over 400,000 pounds, the Nordhavn 86 gives the Taiwan-based shipyard an impressive debut in the mega yacht market.

South Coast Marine is internationally renowned for constructing luxurious and seaworthy small trawlers and yachts. Now, for a company that has focused on small vessels for 35 years, moving to luxury mega yachts is a big change — in all respects. Long before the N86, designed by their partner of more than a decade Pacific Asian Enterprise (PAE), could become reality, South Coast Marine set a new course. Already in 2001, South Coast began construction on a new 100,000 sq. ft, state-of-the-art facility at its location in Xiamen to accommodate production of the mega yachts.

“Our brand new 21-acre South Coast shipyard has been purpose-built just for our Nordhavns,” says Jim Leishman, PAE vice president. “At close to 400,000 pounds displacement, just moving something this size demands doing things in a big way.” Five years in the making, the massive facility can accommodate more than 1,000 workers and allow for construction of Nordhavns of up to 1,000 tons (approx. 200 feet).

Yet, the vessel itself is even more impressive than the grand-scale structure in which it’s born. According to the designer’s description, the Nordhavn 86 takes advantage of the enormous volume of its hull to offer accommodations that are nothing short of remarkable. The saloon and galley measures 36 feet in length, the master cabin and head are full width, consuming the whole forward/upper section of the vessel, and the combination of wheelhouse, captain’s cabin and sky lounge measure almost 30 feet in length. In addition to the master stateroom and captain’s cabin, the vessel includes three guest staterooms with ensuite heads and an additional crew cabin and head aft, with an interior and exterior entrance. A laundry and utility room are also provided. The luxurious and functional interior is finished with fine hardwoods, beautiful moldings and raised panels combined with stone floors, granite countertops, and the finest hardware, lighting and fixtures.

Constructed in conventional fiberglass, the N86 is built to extremely heavy scantlings using beautifully constructed female molds for the entire hull and deck. South Coast chose Divinycell H80 for these areas because of the material’s stability and quality. Having worked with Diab for more than 20 years, the shipyard appreciates Diab’s complete service office, which includes transportation and quick delivery.


Louise Eriksson Jacka
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