DIAB Divinycell core patrol vessel

Goldfish Boats

The increasing need for fast, highly responsive and durable craft to work in tandem with larger patrol vessels involved in fisheries protection, antismuggling and counter piracy operations has created a substantial growth opportunity for Goldfish Boat AS, one of Norway’s leading builders of high performance powerboats and RIBs. This year, more than half of the company’s production is destined for commercial and naval patrol operations. Its largest single customer is the Royal Norwegian Navy. Such is the design of its RIBs that they are equally suitable for service in areas as diverse as the Arctic Circle and the much warmer waters of the Gulf of Aden.

Founded in 1991 by Pål Sollie, Goldfish's initial aim was to produce ‘hand crafted’ sports utility boats that offered racing performance. Prior to the foundation of Goldfish Pål had been heavily involved in both building and racing offshore powerboats. In addition to being Norwegian offshore racing champion he also came second in the 1991 4-litre world championships.

Wide range
His first creation was a 4.9-meter (16 ft.) centre console, which met with widespread acclaim. This was quickly followed by a 9.1-meter (30 ft.) center console – the largest center console ever produced in Scandinavia. In 1999, Pål Sollie took his Goldfish concept to a new level by introducing a 9.8-meter (32 ft.), full-blooded sport cruiser.

2001 saw the launch of Goldfish’s first RIB creation. Today the Goldfish range comprises sport cruisers, centre consoles and RIBs ranging from 6.7 to 11 meters (23-36 ft.). One third of the company’s pleasure boat production goes to the super yacht market, where the RIBs serve as tenders. Such is the demand for the Goldfish range that the company has moved to a new shipyard in the old sailing ship port of Son, some 50 kilometers south of Oslo.

Diab partnership
All boats in the Goldfish range make extensive use of sandwich composites based on Diab cores. A variety of manufacturing processes are used including hand laminating, vacuum bagging and infusion. In addition to supplying core materials, Diab also partners with Goldfish to provide structural design and process optimisation services.


Louise Eriksson Jacka
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