DIAB Divinycell fishfarming support vessel

New Fish Farming Support Vessel from Mundal AS

Mundal Boat AS, who is based in Mundal, Norway, specializes in the design and construction of FRP sandwich vessels up to 35 meters (115ft.) in length.

Mundal’s choice of sandwich composites using Diab structural cores is based on the fact that they allows it to deliver vessels that are lighter, stronger and stiffer than equivalent steel or aluminum craft. As a result its customers reap operating economy benefits such as higher speeds, longer range, greater cargo capacity and reduced engine power. Although Mundal Boat is perhaps most well known for its ocean-going trawlers, it has also produced a variety of passenger, cargo and special purpose vessels.

One of its latest projects has been the design and construction of a fish farm service vessels, the first of which is now being operated by Steinvik Fish Farm AS. At 33.5 meters (110 ft.) long and with a beam of 10.5 meters (35 ft.), it is one of the largest vessels produced by Mundal to date. Called the HAV 400 it has three cabins, a spacious crew mess and a large working deck area that contains fish collection silos with a total capacity of 640 m3 (22,601 ft3). Sandwich composites have been used for all structural elements of the vessel including the silos.

Sandwich composites are ideal for this particular application because, in addition to their weight, stiffness and strength advantages, they offer high insulation values, are easy to clean and disinfect and do not rust or corrode even after long exposure to the elements.

Diab has worked closely with Mundal for more than 15 years supplying not only structural cores but also training and process support services for a wide range of projects.


Louise Eriksson Jacka
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