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Outremer Yachting launches a new flagship with Diab cores, kits and engineering

Located in La Grande Motte on the Mediterranean coast of France, Outremer Yachting has become known for catamarans with a perfect balance between comfort and high performance. The company’s ambitious new flagship, the Outremer 5X, will no doubt cement that reputation.

Outremer Yachting has a motto for the catamarans it produces: seaworthy, fast and simple. Since 1984, the company has been making boats that can circle the globe with minimal manpower and effort, providing exceptional comfort without crossing the line into luxury.

The concept has proven successful for decades, but Outremer Yachting is hardly one to rest on its laurels. Always in search of improvement, the company is currently preparing the launch of its second vessel in a new generation of catamarans.

The hallmark of this new generation is the use of sandwich composites rather than a strictly monolithic construction. When developing began back in 2008, Outremer Yachting decided to keep a monolithic hull below the waterline, but to redevelop everything above it with a foam core. This would allow a lighter construction and better utilization of onboard space. Since sandwich composites were unfamiliar to the company, Composites Consulting Group (CCG) was brought in to supply expertise in setting up the hull and deck infusions.

The resulting catamaran, the Outremer 49, was a monumental success. With excellent handling characteristics, radically improved ergonomics and 360° of unrestricted sea view, the Outremer 49 was named European Yacht of the Year in 2010. In fact, it continues to gather awards, having recently been named Best Boat 2012 by American Sail magazine.

For Outremer Yachting, however, focus has shifted to the next big launch. The company has been working since 2010 on the Outremer 5X, which is intended to be the ultimate long-range cruising catamaran. At a length of just under 18 m and a width of nearly 9 m, the Outremer 5X is the product of a true dream team. In addition to Outremer Yachting’s own employees, contributors have included renowned architects from the Parisian office of VPLP, designers of the trimaran that won the 33rd America’s Cup. By pushing the ergonomic principles of the Outremer 49 even further, they have created a fast and agile catamaran whose deck is so well organized that a single person can handle every maneuver.

As with the Outremer 49, CCG has supplied process expertise and has supervised the first infusions of the Outremer 5X deck and hull. Likewise, Diab has been entrusted with developing ready-made kits for the supply of core foam, so that Outremer Yachting can streamline its production and focus on its own strengths of molding and integration.

With the first sea trials completed and rollout imminent, everything suggests that the Outremer 5X will be a worthy new flagship for Outremer Yachting – and a resounding success to match that of the Outremer 49.


Louise Eriksson Jacka
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