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Revolutionary catamaran built with Diab core material

Multimarine Manufacturing is one of the leading design and composite construction companies in the UK, manufacturing both power and sailing boats for private and commercial use. With decades of experience, Multimarine has produced a wide range of different vessels, supplying everything from initial concept to highly finished luxury yachts. However, its latest creation, the composite-based Rapier 550, beats pretty much every other cruising sailboat.

Prepare for the unexpected
Built for Broadblue Catamarans, Rapier 550 is an entirely new breed of boat designed for fast ocean cruising. It brings together a jaw-dropping combination of top performance, high specification and radical new design. With its self-tacking headsail, powered reversing winches and all controls at the enclosed helm, this state-of-the-art catamaran is perfect for single-handed sailing. It is controlled from a stylish cockpit integrated in the vast superstructure. To sit at the small Momo wheel feels more like driving a rally car, or perhaps flying a spaceship.

Impressive performance
Multimarine’s Managing Director Darren Newton has designed some of the fastest and most advanced catamarans in recent years. The 16-meter (52.5ft) long Rapier 550 is no exception. With a cruising speed of 15 knots and a top speed capability in excess of 25 knots, it is a fast, light and supremely stylish boat. It has recently been nominated for the European Yacht of the Year Award 2015.

Unique infusion process
On this project, Darren Newton collaborated with Nick Bailey, designer of two previous Multimarine-built vessels. The objective was to create a performance sailing catamaran that was light, yet extremely stable. Multimarine’s solution was to build the boat in sandwich composite material. "-We used advanced composite material from Diab and the latest resin infusion techniques where the hull is made in one shot”, said Darren Newton. It is actually the single largest epoxy vacuum bagged multihull ever made in the UK. And yet, it is surprisingly light. The entire boat weighs only 9.5 tons, half the weight of similar-sized production boats.

Long partnership with Diab
Multimarine has mostly used Diab material for their composite constructions and Darren Newton is very pleased with the technical support he has received from Diab. "We have worked with Diab for some time,” Darren said, “but this was the first time we used Diab’s kitting service to manufacture the core kit for the deck of the boat. Andy Horton, our contact at Diab, visited us several times to make sure the kit fitted and take adjustments for the next boat." The Rapier 550 is now in production. The customers can tailor the interior spaces to their requirements, creating different styles from contemporary to sportive, giving them the best of both production and custom construction worlds.

Read more about Multimarine Manufacturing: www.multimarine.co.uk
See a video about the Rapier 550 on YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=AN3xBgspNlY

Louise Eriksson Jacka
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