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Versatile building units go afloat with a structure of composites

CCG provides Tenerife-based company Arquitectura en el Agua with innovative engineering studies when restaurants, swimming pools and marina pontoons go under construction – on water.

Based in Santa Cruz on Tenerife, the Arquitectura en el Agua (AEEA) is an innovative family business with an expert team of engineers and architects. The patented AEEA business solution is the construction of floating modular structures for different uses, such as floating marinas, harbors, restaurants, hotels and leisure centers.

Antonio Arderíus, CEO of the company, first came up with the idea when he was designing a new marina but had limited land space to build the necessary facilities. Built as floating modules — as big or as small as requested — his innovation offers a cost-efficient and truly versatile solution. The possibilities are endless, as the quickly assembled constructions can be used for anything from temporary concert stages to hospital buildings for use in the event of a natural disaster. Since the start of the business in 1997, Arderíus and his brothers have used this technology in more than 700 projects.

With a broad product range of floating construction units, the AEEA solution offers a number of advantages. The rapid design and installation of a new construction saves money as well as time. Easy to expand, the modular and flexible design allows for easy reconstruction to meet new or changing demands. The installation also has minimal impact on the environment, making it a superior solution for marinas and mooring bases in protected marine areas.

Working with many different materials and interested in the vast possibilities of composite solutions, AEEA contacted Composites Consulting Group (CCG) for a preliminary feasibility study. Well positioned for engineering studies and detailed design of the structure within the field of composites, CCG carried out initial tests using different Diab cores. Successful results from the feasibility study encouraged further teamwork, with both CCG and AEEA planning on continuing the collaboration in the development of the composite constructions.

Among other projects, the composite solution will be used in the extension of the Nautical Club of the Spanish city of Santander for the Sailing World Championships in 2014. More than 1,400 sailors and 1,000 boats from 80 nations are expected to attend, putting high demands on the club’s facilities. With the AEEA solution, the club will be able to meet them effortlessly.

Louise Eriksson Jacka
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