DIAB Divinycell high speed marine craft

Versatile vessels for the offshore wind industry

The offshore wind industry often needs versatile vessels that can easily be refitted and reconfigured to perform a range of different duties, from transporting people to carrying heavy equipment. Using vacuum resin infusion and composites from Diab, CTruk Boats lead the way in meeting this requirement with an innovative approach using a movable deckhouse structure.

CTruk – pioneers in vacuum resin infusion
The British boatbuilders CTruk [www.ctruk.com] design and build a range of advanced, high-speed composite marine craft with many applications. The company’s specialties are offshore wind farm support vessels and vessels that are used in military and surveillance applications. CTruk pioneer the use of vacuum resin infusion composite and have been working with Diab’s Divinycell materials since 2011.

Lighter on the surface – and the wallet
“Modern, advanced composite materials, such as Divinycell, give a strong and robust structure, reduce the overall weight by up to 40% and offer significant cost savings in production, operation and maintenance”, says Andy White, CTruk CEO. “The use of vacuum resin infusion composite also gives our boats a smoother, more hydrodynamic shape under water compared to aluminium boats”.

MPC22 – a truly versatile workhorse
CTruk’s newest vessel, the MPC22, was launched at the Seawork International exhibition in June 2015. The boat was conceived with Round 3 offshore wind parks in mind and is designed to safely deal with rougher seas, longer transits and tougher assignments whilst not neglecting the comfort of passengers and crew.

Based on a proven workboat design, the CTruk MPC22 is a 22m composite twin-hull with 7.6 beam and 1.25 draft. CTruk’s patented moveable wheelhouse and modular deck pod system mean that the vessel can fulfill multiple roles; transferring 12 technicians in ultimate comfort or removing its passenger pod to make use of 72m2 of deck space for equipment transfer.

Kit delivery saves a lot of labor
The CTruk MPC22 is the first boat to be built at CTruk’s new production facility in Colchester. Divinycell H is used in all parts of the vessel. Many parts are supplied as kits, including the deck.
“We estimate that kit delivery for the MPC22 has saved us hundreds of hours of labor”, says Andy White.

Read more about CTruk Boats: http://www.ctruk.com
Louise Eriksson Jacka
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