DIAB Divinycell P shower plate

Linea Pannelli marries DuPont™Corian® and DIAB Divinycell

Linea Pannelli is one of the official partners and distributors of DuPont™ Corian®, a high-quality solid surface of extraordinary versatility, successfully used for interior and outdoor applications, such as furnishing for cruise-ships and yachts, restaurants and bars, hospitals, domestic environments, and also for precision components as, among others, jewelry and lighting.
Linea Pannelli delivers plain sheets of Corian® and its own assortment of kitchen sinks and elements for bathroom made in Corian®.
The latest addition to their product range is a shower tray built in Corian® and Divinycell P.

Innovation, design , versatility , lightness , are frequent and concrete issues at Linea Pannelli, always looking for new solutions without compromising quality and always searching excellence as final result.

What would happen if Corian® could be successfully combined with a lighter yet strong and durable material?  That was the question! Said and done. Linea Pannelli tested combining a Divinycell P core with a Corian® plate, achieving excellent results for esthetic, lightness and ease of processing and installation.  Testing this combination in the production of a new shower tray was the next natural step.

Thanks to the excellent mechanical and physical properties of Divinycel P together with Corian®, the result is a shower plate with the highest degree of functionality and durability, at the same time significantly lighter and easier to install than other shower trays made with traditional supports, since a simple panel of Divinycell P with density 100 kg/m3   offers the ideal combined solution.

Louise Eriksson Jacka
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