DIAB Divinycell P CCG bus floor traps

Sandwich Solution for Bus Floor Traps

For more than a decade Craft Fiberglass Composites, based in Sydney, Australia, has been supplying composite components for buses that are in service with both the New South Wales Transit Authority and private operators. Its products include disabled and special access ramps and their associated mounting tray systems all of which make extensive use of ProBalsa-cored sandwich laminates.

The company is now looking to develop a sandwich composite solution for the entire bus floor that traditionally has been produced from plywood. As part of the development process Craft is already producing the composite floor traps for buses that, again, were previously made from plywood with a metal surround.

Working with Diab, its distributor (Nuplex Composites) and the Composites Consulting Group (CCG), Craft has developed an industrialised system that uses a variation of Light RTM. The new traps, which feature a molded FRP surround, are produced using Diab’s Divinycell P structural core and Nuplex's Estarez 6450-45 infusion grade fire retardant resin.

This combination not only allows the traps to meet the prevailing FST (fire, smoke and toxicity) regulations but also makes them both lighter and stronger than an equivalent plywood trap. In addition, the new sandwich composite traps are dimensionally more consistent. This reduces installation time and allows interchangeability.

Such has been the success of the traps for both new builds and as retrofi ts to older buses that Craft has had to duplicate its tooling to keep up with demand.


Louise Eriksson Jacka
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