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Wind power to the world

Danish company SSP Technology used Diab materials and core infusion technology to design and manufacture the world’s so far largest wind turbine blade. Measuring 83.5 meters, this blade and its two siblings are now part of a 7 MW test turbine in Scotland. Soon, they will be ready to power the world.

Offshore wind increasingly important
Wind energy is the most mature renewable energy technology in operation. Yet, high population density limits the growth potential for onshore wind parks. Providing higher and steadier energy yields, offshore wind has therefore become a key pillar in the European energy transition and an increasingly competitive power source.

The first offshore wind project was installed off the coast of Denmark in 1991. Since that time, commercial-scale offshore wind facilities have been operating in shallow waters around the world, mostly in Europe. The newest wind turbines are highly technologically advanced, and include a number of engineering innovations to help maximize efficiency and increase the production of green electricity.

SPP Technology – a pioneer in turbine blade production
A pioneer in developing commercial wind power, Denmark continues to lead the way in wind energy. The Danish company SSP Technology has acquired an important position in the field of manufacturing for moulds and tooling for wind turbine wind production. More than 5,000 turbine blades around the world are embedded with the SSP blade root solution, with no record of failures. Mould concepts for the manufacture of blades from 34 up to 80+ meters in length have been successfully realized and SSP is actively involved in future larger and more cost-effective blade development together with major partners.

The world’s largest turbine blades
In 2013, SSP Technology manufactured three of the largest wind turbine blades ever made for Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI). The 83.5m long blades are now tested on a 110-meter tall 7 MW turbine at Energy Park Fife in Scotland. In a matter of just 30 minutes, this huge turbine can produce the amount of energy equivalent to the annual energy consumption of an average household.

Joint success with Diab
Having worked with Diab for many years prior to this project, SSP Technology's CTO Flemming  Sørensen knew where to find the material and knowledge needed to produce the blades. Diab supplied all core materials used: ProBalsa150 and Divinycell H80. The materials came with distinctive groovings to enable the Diab method of core infusion. Each blade skin was produced in a female mould using a combination of VARTM (Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Moulding), pre-preg and hand lamination.

“We constantly keep pushing the limits of what is possible regarding blade technology”, says Flemming Sørensen. “Making the world’s largest blade was a highly challenging task, but I am impressed about how cost-effectively the blade could be manufactured.”

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