DIAB Divinycell sandwich composite caravan

China’s First Sandwich Composite Caravan

Jiajia RV (Shanghai, China) has introduced the first caravan in China to feature a sandwich composite body. Sandwich composites based on Diab cores are used for the front and rear panels and locally in the side panels.

Sandwich composites were chosen by Jiajia RV for its LY-S3 model in order to reduce weight, improve strength and stiffness and increase the caravan’s insulation values. The reduction in weight contributes directly to reducing the fuel consumption of the vehicle used for towing the caravan and, at the same time, braking efficiency is improved.

By improving the insulation values Jiajia RV has reduced the energy consumption of the air conditioning system.

The increased strength and stiffness properties of sandwich composites has allowed Jiajia RV to increase the usable interior space by eliminating completely the framework and bulkheads that are necessary in more traditional caravan construction.

Diab Technical Services has been working very closely with the Jiajia team to develop the vacuum infusion molding process that is used to manufacture all the sandwich panels. The combination of sandwich cores and the vacuum infusion process has enabled Jiajia RV to achieve very high fiber fractions and to optimize laminate quality and surface finish.

The body of new LY-S3 model is 4.32 meters long, 2.34 meters wide and 2.2 meters high (14 ft. x 7.7 ft. x 7.2 ft.) and weighs only 1,000 kg. (2,204 lb). It is designed to accommodate three people and is capable of being towed at speeds of up to 90 km/h. (56 m.p.h.). The LY-S3 is fitted with a super- silent 3600W Cummins Onan power generator, a 5 kW air conditioning unit and features AL-KO elastomeric torsion suspension and an AL-KO braking system.

Its ‘full specification’ interior includes as standard a sofa bed, gas powered hob unit, water sterilizer, refrigerator, wall cupboard and toilet room. Optional extras include roof mounted 135 Watt solar panels that are fully adjustable for maximum efficiency.

Since the launch of LY-S3, Jiajia RV is now developing a 6.6 meter (21.7 ft.) long model. Both models will be presented to domestic and international customers at the forthcoming Auto Shanghai Exhibition (21 - 28 April, 2011).


Louise Eriksson Jacka
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