DIAB Divinycell Matrix composite caravan

Composite Caravans build for Off-road adventures

The Australian-based company Free Spirit constructs caravans tough enough to meet off-road conditions and light enough to make towing an enjoyable experience.

It is a difficult equation. Off-road caravans need to be strong and durable, yet lightweight. Reduced weight allows for better fuel economy and easier towing, but has to be combined with all the comforts necessary for a pleasant, “self-sustainable” trip to the outback.

With a clear mission to build comfortable off-road caravans that will last a lifetime, the staff at Free Spirit selects the best materials for the construction work. Traditional, wooden constructions in a caravan have a tendency to rot, especially in a moist atmosphere. So in a Free Spirit Caravan (FSC), the unreliable wooden structure has been replaced by a combination of corrosion-resistant alloyed aluminum and composite solutions.

A partner since 2009, Diab supplies Free Spirit with cores of temperature-resistant Divincyell Matrix, which is used for the walls and roofs of the caravans. This solution, combined with Free Spirit’s patented embedded alloy frame, makes the caravans ultra-strong without adding unnecessary weight. The structural side and roof panels come together simply and strongly during the construction.

Being able to trust the equipment is essential during off-road adventures, and a caravan from Free Spirit delivers. According to Elaine Foster, Director at Free Spirit, customers truly love the thought-through construction, which offers a number of advantages. With its better insulation — in hot as well as cold weather — there is no condensation or wood rot in the construction. Easier to repair than traditional caravans, an FSC is insect-proof was well as waterproof. And the caravan does not compromise comfort. The caravans’ interior units are put together by an experienced and qualified team, creating a truly unique kitchen, lounge and bedroom area — with the composite solution allowing customers to choose the finish color.

Diab initially assisted the Free Spirit staff, but today staff members handle the construction work on their own. An essential part of the successful Free Spirit trademark, the Diab solution is highly appreciated by Free Spirit customers, who enjoy the opportunity to experience comfortable adventures in the wilderness.


Louise Eriksson Jacka
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