DIAB Divinycell HP for wind energy applications

INDUTCH - partners with Diab for long term success!

As suggested in their name, INDUTCH, is an Indian-Dutch Company, that provides complete solutions for applications in composites ranging from design to manufacturing. Located in India, Indutch provides solutions for applications to the Wind, Aerospace, Automotive and Industry markets, on a global scale. Indutch gets their competitive edge from technology and competence so partnering with Diab for core materials is natural for them.

We touched base with Indutch directors Mr. Binayak and Mr. Sathyanarayanan to understand more about their opportunities and challenges and how a partnership with Diab supports their ambitions.

Indutch has around 60 people employed and provides complete solutions for composite applications. Their extensive competence enables Indutch to conceptualize and materialize composite applications from the design, testing, molds and manufacturing of the final product/application as well as installation. Indutch works with all types of cores and uses RTM and infusion processes. Normally Indutch receives the requirement specification from the customer and provides a proposal for a complete solution of the application.

One of their main markets is Wind Energy, where they provide blade designs as well as tooling and manufacturing of nacelles and cones. Indutch has the competence and ability to provide solutions for all types of applications in composites and can serve the markets globally. Other areas of focus, outside of Wind are Marine, Industry and Automotive where a number of various applications have been designed and manufactured.

Need for close cooperation
Catering to various industries with such a wide offering requires suppliers who can support their strategic direction. Mr. Binayak explains “We need to work closely with professional suppliers that can bring us solutions to what we do and need. We work in various industries with different applications that require materials with different characteristics. For core materials we feel that Diab has the competence and range to provide us with what we need in 99% of the cases.” For instance, the processing and Operational temperature requirement of molds, is supported by Diab’s Divinycell HP grade material, and as for cores for nacelles, Indutch is highly pleased to use Diab’s latest Divinycell Matrix range of cores. “Diab’s materials have different characteristics and properties, which fit the purpose of different applications very well.” The latest project Diab and Indutch worked on are molds for wind blades.

Flexibility is a competitive tool
Indutch also feels the challenging situation in today’s markets visualized by very short visibility in the supply chain from their customers. Mr. Sathyanarayanan explains further “We need to be very flexible to be competitive. Service and lead times are competitive tools we use. The set up that Diab has can serve us fast and locally from the Indian plant as well as from their plants overseas ensuring competitive lead times.”

Strategic fit for development
There is a good strategic fit between Diab and Indutch. Their endeavors to be more global are supported by the global footprint of Diab and the product range Diab provides fits well with their target markets. Further their technology drive is supported by the dedicated continuous product development in Diab. Mr. Binayak concludes “We feel that Diab very well understands our needs to be successful and supports us in every which way they can. Diab is a key element to our success moving forward.”


Louise Eriksson Jacka
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