DIAB Divinycell core for wind turbines

Leitner Shriram Simple Solutions for Wind Blades, Better Results

Leitner Shriram Manufacturing Ltd (LSML) is an Indo-European joint venture between Shriram EPC and Leitner Technologies that was established in 2007 to manufacture megawatt class wind turbines in its global manufacturing hub for Leitwind wind turbines at Gummidipoondi, near Chennai, and was inaugurated in September 2009.

As part of the first phase this eight hectare (20 acre) facility is producing more than 120 megawatt wind turbines per annum. It is expected that production will be quickly ramped up so that annual production will exceed 250 units.

LSML maintains that its 1.5 MW turbines offer advantages both in terms of efficiency and long-term performance. By adopting a simple, compact and modular design the Leitwind 1.5 MW models are easy to install and service and have low maintenance characteristics. Compared to any other equivalent turbine, they have fewer rotating parts. This translates directly into better power generation efficiency and a longer service life.

Following on from the success of its 1.5 MW turbines, LSML has developed 1.8 MW model and it is already planning to produce 2 and 3 MW models.

LSML has been working closely with Diab’s Chennai operation since its Gummidipoondi plant was in the planning stage since early 2008. Sandwich composites based exclusively on Diab cores are used for both the blades and the spinners of all Leitwind turbines.

The spinners are produced by a third party but all blades are manufactured in house by LSML using an epoxy infusion and prepreg process. Earlier the cores were supplied in sheet form but they are now supplied in ready to use kits. Diab engineers are also working with LSML to optimize the spinner design and manufacturing process through Core infusion Technology.

LSML cite a variety of reasons for using Diab products and services. The fact that Diab is geographically quite close is significant but Mr. Philip Baby, Deputy General Manager of LSML Rotor Blade Technology is quick to point out, “Equally important is Diab’s ability to understand LSML´s needs, to provide flexible delivery schedules and to offer technical support in terms of kits and other engineering services.”


Louise Eriksson Jacka
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