Sandwich composite solutions for

aerospace industry

Making your products stronger, lighter and more competitive

Core materials that keep you flying high

The aerospace industry today is largely driven by life cycle cost and weight reduction. One of the crucial challenges in aircraft design is making a structure as light as possible without sacrificing strength. Aerospace quality requirements leave no room for error, making the task even more difficult.

Diab core materials offer the highest strength per weight ratio for all aerospace applications. Integrating high-performance foam core sandwich composite solutions allows you to decrease weight and fuel consumption and simultaneously increase range and/or payload.

The excellent properties of our sandwich composite solutions allow for greater impact resistance, which in turn provides more safety and greater resistance to erosion or impact damage. Composite structures retain their strength over time and won’t corrode. This reduces the need for inspection, maintenance and repair.

Since composite structures are shaped without the constraints of metal, ideal aerodynamic lines can be achieved.

Diab offers several high quality product lines for aerospace applications. In addition to our products, we support your efforts with technical expertise, structural engineering services and applications training.

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