Sandwich composite solutions for

construction industry

Making your products stronger, lighter and more competitive

Core materials that offer full design freedom

Sandwich technology and high performance core materials provide excellent solutions to create innovative façades and constructions in a cost-effective manner. Low weight, high strength, thermal and sound insulating properties together with non-corrosive features, make sandwich composites a sustainable and economic solution. The lightweight components also reduce the need for supporting points, and enable fast and cost-efficient onsite installation.

Domes, bridges, roofs, canopies, claddings and façades are just a few of the applications for which DIAB sandwich composite cores provide exceptional value. The ability to produce complex shapes as single structural components, including choice of surface material, gives architects and designers full creative freedom. With Diab wide range of core materials, kits and finishings everything is possible.

In addition to our products, we offer extensive technical expertise, structural engineering services and applications training.

Louise Eriksson Jacka
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