Sandwich composite solutions for

radomes and antennas

Making your products stronger, lighter and more competitive

Core materials that beat extreme conditions

For radomes, the material solution needs to be light and strong, cope well with weather and operational conditions, and provide good transparency. It also needs to be formable to create a spherical or double-curved shape.

A sandwich radome made with Diab’s core material is a strong, lightweight solution with good impact behavior and excellent resistance to harsh weather conditions. Combined with the additional benefits of low and even dielectric constant as well as loss factor of the foam, especially in the high-frequency region, these characteristics make our core materials suitable for sea, air and land-based equipment.

Antennas with Diab core sandwich solutions are exceptionally stiff and strong. Their light weight makes handling easy, and in larger antennas it helps minimize supporting structures. Again, a Diab core sandwich stands out with excellent performance in harsh weather conditions.

In addition to our products, Diab also offers extensive technical expertise, structural engineering services and applications training.

Louise Eriksson Jacka
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