Sandwich composite solutions for


Making your products stronger, lighter and more competitive

Core materials that let you go really deep

Composite materials are a great choice for structures below the water line as they provide exceptional buoyancy, impact protection and insulation. Syntactic foam riser buoyancy has been part of offshore oil operations for over 30 years, but today composites expand into many other subsea applications.

Diab is a world-leading supplier of high-performance sandwich composite solutions. To fully answer the wide range of requirements on depth and performance by the offshore and oceanographic sectors, Diab provides materials that are specially developed for subsea applications.

Our materials have a unique combination of properties providing excellent buoyancy/kg, high strength, good thermal/acoustic insulations characteristics, low weight and excellent chemical resistance. Our high-performance materials, in combination with extensive know-how enable us to deliver solutions that meet the ultimate subsea requirements: high quality and long lifetime.

Louise Eriksson Jacka
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