Sandwich composite solutions for

Wind industry

Making your products stronger, lighter and more competitive

Core materials that decrease the cost of energy from wind

Due to the high costs of repair and maintenance of large, offshore or remotely located wind turbines, it is important to increase their reliability to ensure efficient work for 20 years or more. One solution is to use advanced composite materials that ensure very high stiffness, strength and fatigue resistance to the components while lowering their weight.

Diab is an expert in sandwich composite solutions and has extensive experience working with the wind industry. We have a set of core materials, finishing and type kits specifically tailored to each application. We also know the importance of quickly and effectively zeroing in on the right solution.

In addition to our high-performance products, we support your efforts with technical expertise, structural engineering services and applications training.

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With extensive experience from the wind industry, we understand your unique needs and challenges and focus on one clear objective: helping you to decrease the cost of energy from wind.

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