Diab concept for nacelles and spinners

Requests for consistent quality, controlled tolerances as well as environmental regulations have made many nacelle and spinner manufacturers change their production process from hand layup to vacuum infusion.

DIAB Concept for nacelles and spinners

Diab provides core materials specially engineered for the infusion process. Offering excellent strength-to-weight ratio, they are ideal for nacelle roofs, floors and walls. In order to save additional weight and cost, DIAB offers kits with multiple cores that can be customized according to loading requirements. You can also choose between a wide range offinishing options tailored to specific geometries and resin consumption requirements. For optimal results, we recommend using the DIAB Core Infusion process. Our Technical Services team and Composites Consulting Group (CCG) have a unique combination of practical and theoretical experience and can help you select the optimal combination of materials and finishing for yourparticular application. Read more about our Technical ServicesCCG or contact us

Below, you can see the materials, kits and finishing that we recommend for production of nacelles and spinners.

Our offering for nacelles and spinners

Core materials
Compressive strength: 0.5-7.2 MPa

Shear strength: 0.4-4.5 MPa

Divinycell Matrix: MX 7-7, MX 10-8
Divinycell H: H45, H60


Kit type
Nacelle kits



1. Flat/semi flat:
5. Side and back sections:
Mx 10-87-7H45

2. Top and bottom sections:      
Mx 11-910-87-7H45

6. Double curvature:

3. Single curvature:

7. Side and back sections:
Mx 10-87-7H45

4. Double curvature:

Please note: These suggestions and data are provided for informational purposes only. Thorough analysis of loading requirements and consideration of relevant regulations are needed before selecting a solution. For these reasons, we always recommend obtaining an expert consultation before choosing or implementing any solution.


Louise Eriksson Jacka
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