Diab Divinycell and ProBalsa 2000 Speciale

ProBalsa and Divinycell H60 are speeding up the 2000 Speciale

20 September, 2017

When a man who loves speed orders a boat, it has to be fast. Racing driver Tony Longhurst’s dream, the 2000 Speciale, has been built using high-performance core composite solutions.

Constructing a lighter and faster G-Force boat
Tony Longhurst is an Australian racing driver and former Australian Champion water skier. He is most noted for his career in the Australian Touring Car Championship and V8 Supercar series, but as a man of speed, he is also into fast boats. Recently he commissioned a G-Force 2000 with the goal to produce one of the lightest and fastest cruising multihulls on the water. The 2000 Speciale was designed by Schionning Designs, a leading Australia-based design company that specializes in luxury cruising and racing multihulls using the best composite solutions. KATO is a custom version of the G-Force Series, with some small changes to hull width and layout, and added waterline length. Noosa Marine, based in Queensland, Australia, was commissioned by Tony to build the vessel. 

Core composite materials for the 2000 Speciale
With a waterline length of 19.5 meters, the 2000 Speciale is the largest G-Force design to date and it was launched in March 2017. Built for extreme speed, this vessel needed to be both strong and light. The solution? The best core and composite material combination available. 

DuraKore, DuFLEX and ProBalsa

ATL Composites, initially established in New Zealand but now with its head office in Australia, is a leading supplier to the high performance yachting market and has provided material for the 2000 Speciale using Diab solutions. The hull construction is strip planked with DuraKore. This material has been standard for the G-Force vessels since they were first designed, but for this project, the hulls have been reinforced with carbon fiber rather than standard e-glass. The idea is to provide extra stiffness and a reduction in weight for increased performance. Other structural components have been supplied as a DuFLEX Composite Component Pack, all cored with Diab’s ProBalsa, which is used extensively in the marine industry worldwide to provide exceptional compressive strength, high thermal and sound insulation and low FST (Fire, Smoke & Toxicity) properties. The DuFLEX panels have been laminated with carbon fiber double bias reinforcements for added stiffness in this performance cruising design.

Featherlight composite panels and Divinycell H60
The interior of the 2000 Speciale is also a CNC-routed Component Pack with Featherlight composite panels cored with Diab’s Divinycell H60, a unique combination of polyuren and PVC core with low density that ensures good thermal/acoustic insulation. Laminated with carbon fiber reinforcements these custom Featherlight panels provide superior stiffness and ultra-lightweight in the G-Force 2000 Speciale. 

Light, fast and powerful
With the 2000 Speciale, extreme measures have been taken to reduce weight and produce one of the lightest and fastest cruising multihulls on the water. With a mast height of 22 meters, a sail area of 118 + 57 sqm and a payload of 3,500 kg, the ship has a fuel capacity of 600 liters and a motor option of 2 x 60hp outboards or 2 x 75hp shaft drive diesels. It has a cruising speed of 12-16 knots and a top speed of a staggering 25+ knots, all made possible with the lighter weight – making it the ultimate cruising catamaran!