Tobias Hahn new CEO for Diab Group

19 June, 2018

Tobias Hahn new CEO for Diab Group

Tobias Hahn has been chosen as new CEO for Diab. Tobias has 10 years of operative and international experience from the Atlas Copco Group.
He is coming from the role as President for Industrial Assembly Solutions. Before that he had various positions within ITT Flygt both in Sweden and the USA.
Tobias will join Diab latest in the beginning of September.

Lennart Hagelqvist is today leaving the company after six years as CEO. We thank Lennart for his efforts and important contributions.

In the Interim Mats Persson, current EVP EMEA&India will take on the role as acting CEO alongside his current role.

"After my few months with Diab I acknowledge how well positioned we are. We are geographically where we need to be, our brand is well respected and we are acting in a growth market. During my visits to our different companies I have met with our people around the world and I am impressed with your abilities and spirit.

The board of directors together with our owners has come to the conclusion that Diab need a different leadership going forward. And we believe Tobias is the right choice for Diab in the exciting future that is ahead".


Mikael Jonson
Chairman of the Board for Diab Group

If you have any questions regarding the changes please contact Mats or me: mobile:+46768828874 or mobile:+46706781001