Divinycell PN

A thermoplastic core material designed to increase performance and decrease weight.

Divinycell PN is a structurally strong PET sandwich core material perfectly suited in a variety of applications to increase their performance and to decrease their weight. In the wind energy segment, its excellent mechanical properties and good processing characteristics make it highly suitable for both blades and nacelles.

Divinycell PN has got excellent chemical resistance and is compatible with all commonly used resin systems such as polyester, epoxies, vinyl esters and more. With its high processing temperature performance and good dimensional stability at elevated processing temperatures, it can be readily used in infusion or with a wide variety of prepreg systems as an alternative to press bonding or contact moulding.

Divinycell PN SI
Divinycell PN IMP

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DIAB Divinycell PN
Louise Eriksson Jacka
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