DIAB Core Selection Guide

Core selection guide

We have developed this quick selection guide to help you zero in on the types of cores best suited to your application.* Start by choosing your segment area (or select “All Products”). Then simply choose the factors that apply for your requirements and conditions. Recommended cores will be listed at the bottom, giving you a convenient way to compare products. When you have made your selection, please review the data sheets for the products you are interested in for further technical information. If you would like to ask us specific questions about any of the cores on your list, simply select the “Add to inquiry” checkbox and click the “Inquiry” button. Then, fill in the contact form and we’ll get in touch with you directly.

* The Core Selection Guide is a guide only. To make your final material choice, we recommend a thorough evaluation.

Nominal Compression Strength
0 1
Nominal Shear Strength
0 1
Operational Depth
0 1
Op. Depth | Depth Rating
Material Type
Requirement on Fire, Smoke and Toxicity
Click on grade name to view data sheet
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