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Analyzing your key success factors will help you work with our experts to develop the kit best suited to your application. Whether the kit consists of flat sheets or 3D machined parts, surface requirements differ and affect the approach we take for each kit design. For example, the surface requirements are higher on the core when thin laminates are used on an application with high surface finishing demands. The tolerance level depends on the type of application and the production process used and will affect the weight of the final component. We will adopt the tolerance of the kit to suit the requested needs and we are equipped to produce very advanced solutions. Another essential part of the kit process is cost. With correct understanding of your requirements, you will receive a solution optimized to your needs. In weight-sensitive applications, sandwich structures can be used also in small details. Where weight is not so critical, single skin could be used in complicated parts of the application to save cost and simplify fitting. Depending on the requirement, we can choose among multiple solutions to optimize weight or cost.

Whether you are looking for standard kits or advanced kits, Diab uses a well-defined kit process that enables us to provide the most competitive offering, top service and quick turn-around times. You define which parts of the sequence you will manage, and which parts are to be managed by us. Naturally, you get the highest value from working with us throughout the entire process. Examples of what we can help you with include thermoforming that shapes a foam core into the mold shape.

Thermoforming is a manufacturing process that is used to shape a foam core while heating it up and then cool it down to set the shape. Since it is not necessary to add cuts to get the core to fit the mold shape, it is possible to reduce the resin uptake and hence the weight. Other advantages with thermoforming include greater design flexibility, shorter time to production and decreased cost for tooling. Prototypes can be manufactured in a fast and accurate way and thermoforming is also cost-efficient for smaller production runs. All Diab’s core materials can be thermoformed, with the exception of ProBalsa.

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