Diab Hero LGC 2023

At JEC World in Paris April 25-27, 2023, we are excited to present new sustainable materials and technical solutions. It’s time to get circular!

We at Diab offer industry-leading competence and the broadest range of stronger, lighter, smarter materials.
Since our start over 70 years ago, we have developed, improved, and fine-tuned the technology. Now we are on an ambitious journey to fully embrace a circular economy creating a whole new level of sustainability.
Here you can read more about what we presented at JEC World 2022 and some of our insights from last year.
Contact us to discuss about how we can help you create a circular and recyclable application.
We are always at the core of your sustainable solution.

Learn more about what we will present at JEC World 2023 and how to get circular

Sustainable applications in different industries

Using sustainable core materials and innovative manufacturing processes allows for developing renewable energy solutions with a lower environmental impact.

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Guide: How to find the most sustainable core for your application

Download our guide how to find the most sustainable core for your application


The circular economy is all about reducing and recycling

A circular business model reduces the use of material and energy resources and redesigns materials

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Science-Based Targets: The Key to a Sustainable Future

The global community is facing a daunting challenge in the form of climate change, and urgent action is required to mitigate its impact.

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Are post-consumer plastics limiting the use of post-industry plastics for recycling?

It's time to upgrade post-industry plastics as a fully viable sustainable alternative

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Some of the highlights from JEC World 2022

How to reduce resin use, making your solution lighter than ever

Different aspects affect the use of resin – the core material itself and how it is machined.

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JEC Innovation Awards 2022

Diab is a winner of JEC World Innovation Awards 2022!

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How to make sustainability the core of your solution

By using a sandwich composite core, you can contribute to a more sustainable society

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Diab at JEC 2022 - Insights

Sustainability and face-to-face meetings in focus at JEC World 2022.

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