Realizing the total value of composite designs

Diab Application Center is our powerful team of engineers, product specialists and process specialists, ready to team up with you to realize the total value of composites.


Product Support

We are here to support you with selecting the suitable core material for your application, advice on fit-for-purpose finishing, and essential guidance on different manufacturing processes. Product support always comes for free with the purchase of our products.

Composite Consulting Group (CCG)

Our experience in sandwich core materials and related manufacturing processes is well documented.

CCG provides specialized composite technology and engineering services to improve your product further. With broad competence in everything from design and structural engineering to process optimization – including flow modelling for closed moulding, tooling design and infusion training – we ensure that you can realize the total value of composite designs.

CCG consists of mechanical and process engineers, material scientists, naval architects and composite technicians with many years of experience from various industries. Our process consultants routinely work on applications using hand lay-up, vacuum infusion, RTM and RTM Light, prepregs, pultrusion and filament winding, among others.

Composite part and prototype production

Prototyping and short production runs have high investment costs and can limit other daily operations. Our experienced engineers and fabricators can quickly make your concepts a reality, whether you’re a start-up or an existing business lacking resources or equipment.


Understanding the material and its behaviour in a variety of environmental conditions is key to optimized design. Let us help you characterize your composite solution, core materials and sandwich structures with our own calibrated testing equipment and network of authorized test labs for exotic test methods. Beyond material testing, we can help with a proof of concept, material characterization, and many field tests that require real-world applications.

Kit engineering and production

Diab uses a well-defined kit process that enables us to provide the most competitive offering, top service and quick turn-around times. Whether the kit consists of flat sheets or 3D machined parts, we consider the surface requirements, tolerances and weight limitations. Another essential part of the kit process is cost. With a correct understanding of your requirements, you will receive a solution optimized for your needs. Producing an Advanced kit or an Industrial kit, we are well equipped to manufacture the most efficient way to optimize quality and cost.

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