Structural core materials

A Diab sandwich core is a material that is light, strong and easily tailored to different processing and operational conditions. It has all the advantages of conventional materials, such as steel or wood, but none of the disadvantages, such as heavy weight, corrosion or design limitations.

Diab offers the widest range of high-quality sandwich cores, but our true strength goes beyond the material. You can draw from our knowledge when it comes to anything from design to efficient production methods, coping with operating conditions. We are masters of advanced structural calculations and we build our solutions on functionality-based engineering that help tailor-make your specific solution. With our expertise you can make the most of your application.

In short, we can help you solve your problem.

Diab Core materials

Diab Divinycell PVC Core Materials

Divinycell - PVC

High-performance PVC foam core materials with excellent strength-to-weight properties.

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Diab Divinycell PET Core Materials

Divinycell - PET

Thermoplastic recyclable PET foam core material suitable for many applications.

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Diab Divinycell PVC Core Materials

Divinycell - PES

Recyclable PES foam core material perfectly suitable for commercial aircraft interiors.

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Divinycell - PEI

Recyclable PEI foam core perfectly suitable for radomes, antennas and structural components.

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Diab Balsa


High-density organic core material featuring high compressive strength.

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Where to use

Diab core in wind industry


Reduce the weight and total cost of composite parts to enable customers to reduce the LCoE.

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Diab core materials in marine


Maximize performance and cost-efficiency with light, fast and tough boats and vessels.

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Diab core materials in many different industries


Utilize the ultimate engineering solution to create lightweight, flexible and durable structures.

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Diab in aerospace


Lower lifetime cost, weight and environmental impact without compromising safety regulations.

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Diab Sandwich technology

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How to use structural core materials from Diab

How to use

With different manufacturing methods we can help you make the most of your composite core solution.

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