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In a world shared by 8 billion people, sustainability is not optional – it is essential. Each one of us has a responsibility to our planet and the future generations who will inhabit it.

We need to use resources efficiently, improve social and working conditions, protect natural ecosystems, raise aspirations and extend opportunities for all.

We need to continuously improve our business performance and by that the natural world as we live, create and build. The race toward zero carbon is driven by countries and companies around the world as ESG* investors increasingly require lower carbon footprint throughout the supply chain.

* Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria are a group of standards used by socially conscious investors to screen investments.

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Sustainability at Diab

Sustainability in everything we do

Sandwich core composite materials benefit the environment in many ways. Due to their low-density properties the cores themselves require only a small amount of raw material. When applied, sandwich solutions enable lightweight, flexible and aerodynamic designs that reduce the fuel consumption of vehicles and vessels and open for creative design opportunities.
Looking at the overall life cycle, our products also compensate for their carbon footprint in many applications thanks to the extremely long life for which they were designed.

Sustainability at Diab

At Diab we understand that our products and solutions are a natural part of the future society. We provide a wide range of sandwich core materials to fit different applications. The right core decreases cost and carbon footprint throughout the application’s life cycle. As a concrete example, sandwich composites are a driver of the competitiveness of wind energy. The lightweight materials that we provide enable efficient rotor blade design that lowers the production cost of electricity generated, which makes renewable energy from wind more competitive.

Working for a more sustainable future

Diab continues growing, and the larger and more global our company becomes, the greater our responsibility. We believe we need to make a difference on the big issues that matter to us all. That is why we have made Sustainability one of our top business priorities. A lot remains to be done, but we are determined to continue improving our performance, putting sustainability principles and ideas into practice.

We aim to be the market leader in PET foam core, which includes having the lowest carbon footprint, and to be the best partner for customers that are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and improve circularity.

As a part of our endeavor, we are following global initiatives:

  • As the first company within the field of composite materials in the world, Diab has an approved CO₂-reduction plan in accordance with the Science Based Targets Initiative requirements and we aim to be the ESG leader in our industry.
  • We offer operational transparency through our Sustainability Report.
  • We follow our certified management systems in accordance with ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.
  • We are acting to make the industry more transparent for our stakeholders. By utilizing an established standard, Environmental Product Declaration, EPD, we provide complete transparency of our materials for our customers.
  • By reaffirming the UN Global Compact during 2023, Diab is making a long-term statement to continuously focus on our sustainable development.

As the first company within the field of composite materials in the world, Diab has an approved CO₂-reduction plan in accordance with the Science Based Targets Initiative requirements. Our very clear set target in our SBTs is completely in line with SDG number 13 - Climate Action.

Ecovadis view Supplier Performance Across 21 CSR Indicators. Four CSR themes: Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement. 2023 we reached the Bronze level.

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Diab Sustainability


Sustainability Message


Diab Sustainability report 2023 - Download pdf

Diab Let's get circular leaflet - Download pdf

Environmental Product Declarations:

PVC - Download pdf

PES - Download pdf

PET - Download pdf

PET PR - Download pdf

Diab Group Chemical Blacklist - Download pdf

Diab Code of Conduct - Download pdf

Diab Limited Modern Slavery Statement 2018 (UK only) - Download pdf


Diab Policy Whistleblowing - Download pdf English, Italian, Lithuanian, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese


All our certificates are available under Certificates & Datasheets

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