Application areas

Diab core materials in automotive


Components for passenger cars, high-end sports cars, self-driving vehicles and ambulances.

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Diab core materials for building and construction

Building & Construction

Materials to create innovative facades, roofs and domes, sunshades and canopies.

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Diab Core materials for cryogenic insulation

Cryogenic Insulation

Solutions for reliable transport and safe storage of cryogenic gases such as LNG, LPG and ethylene.

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Diab core materials for trucks

Goods transport

Light-weight components for trucks and other goods transport services to reduce fuel consumption.

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Diab core materials in buses

Public transport

Parts made of light and strong foam core materials decrease fuel consumption for buses and trains.

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Diab core materials for motorhomes

Recreational vehicle

Foam core materials for motorhomes and caravan campers to make them lighter and stronger.

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Diab core materials for surfing boards

Sports & leisure

High-end core materials for surfing boards, wakeboards, hockey sticks and high-end bicycle details.

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Diab core materials for subsea applications

Subsea & Offshore

High buoyancy foam for ROVs, AUVs, submarines, diving bells and wave and tidal power generation.

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Diab core material in Envirotainer

Other industries

Core materials for all kinds of applications, including shelters, containers, radomes and antennas.

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Core materials we recommend for industry applications

Diab Divinycell H

Divinycell H

Excellent mechanical properties to low weight.

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Diab Divinycell HP

Divinycell HP

Meets the demands in higher temperature processing.

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Diab Divinycell HM

Divinycell HM

Outstanding toughness and strength.

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Diab Divinycell HCP

Divinycell HCP

A unique core for subsea applications.

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Diab Divinycell HT

Divinycell HT

Comprehensive quality documentation and traceability for aerospace applications.

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Divinycell PL

Recyclable high performance PET core material based on post-industry recycled PET content with very low resin uptake.

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Divinycell PR

PET sandwich core made of up to 45% post-consumer PET and additional post-industry recycled PET to boost performance.

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Diab Divinycell PY

Divinycell PY

A PET core material with high shear strain.

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